This year in Cannes, with Wild Immersion, trade the sunglasses for VR helmets

From May 8 to 19, will be held the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival. The entire Wild Immersion team will be present at this unmissable film event.

In order to present the project and also to make festivalgoers aware of the dangers threatening the planet, Wild Immersion will present its new vision of cinema during the festival.

Join the Wild Immersion team on Majestic Beach, at the Diversion Cinema corner and at the Studio to dive into the fascinating world of wildlife with our VR headsets.

Fly with the pink flamingos, run with the bison and hunt with the snow tigers while staying under the beautiful “Cannois” sun.


The Wild Immersion vision at the Forum des Images from 1 June 2018

From 1 June 2018, the virtual reserve of Wild Immersion will be accessible to everyone in Paris, at the Forum des Images... The whole family will be able to discover the fascinating universe of wildlife, from the biggest to the smallest animals! No need to travel, Wild Immersion takes you on a journey over 5 continents to discover the animals and their environment like you never seen before.

In a few minutes, you will have traveled the world, as if you were there! The giraffes pass over you, a panda comes to sniff your face, a snake surprises you...

You never saw them that close, like if you can almost touch them!

All in an atmosphere recreated to be closer to reality! This activity, to discover with the all family, will delight the children as well as grown-ups!


Wild Immersion arrives in Shenzhen for two press conferences

Shenzhen will welcome Wild Immersion for two press conferences. The Chinese city will host the Wild Immersion teams at the Shenzhen Marina Club on April 27 and at the First Experience Corner on May 18.

Wild Immersion is in discussion with Chinese technology leaders, the biggest Chinese charities and the government to discuss the opening of the Wild Immersion experience in malls, zoos and cinemas.


Wild Immersion turns to the Middle Kingdom

Wild Immersion China is proud to present this magnificent project to the Chinese public. The images and films elegantly paint the wilderness, considered to be Man's greatest source of inspiration for literature, design, engineering, chemistry, architecture and education.

Wild Immersion and Wild Immersion China work hand-in-hand with Chinese industry, government and charities to connect and protect the country's wonderful nature. She is committed to creating a harmony with nature as shown by the logo, which takes the ancient words of Chinese oracle:

"Sun, Moon, Mountain, Water, Human".


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